Hybrid Power Shelter™

Much more than a shelter. More than just power.
Our Hybrid Power Shelters are a mission control platform with HCI's Zero-glitch Power Module (ZPM) at the center.

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A Turnkey Powerhouse

With HCI’s Zero-Glitch Power Module (ZPM®) at its core, the Hybrid Power Shelter™ delivers ultra-reliable power when you need it most. Whether on the grid or off, the Hybrid Power Shelter uses multiple energy sources to keep its lithium-ion energy storage at an optimal charge. HCI's climate-controlled shelters are ISO compliant for easier (and more cost-effective) manufacturing, shipping, installation, and use. Every Hybrid Power Shelter arrives assembled, tested, and ready to supply power. 


  • Ready. Self-contained and pre-configured.
  • Reliable. Uninterrupted power, real-time power management, remote monitoring.
  • Renewable. Supports ESG mandates. Reduced CO2 and GHG emissions. 
  • Efficient. Accelerated deployment time. Lowered cost.
  • Proven. Tested and debugged before delivery.
  • Rugged. Climate-controlled. Engineered for harsh climates.
  • Flexible. Multiple outputs. Room for customer equipment. Different power configurations for different needs.

5 kW to 20 kW

Serviceable Load

>200 Ah

Energy Storage


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Grid-Tied Configuration

With a grid-tied 5kW solution, this configuration provides infinite backup with ongoing savings. It features 400Ah of energy storage charged by a combination of 3kW onboard solar panels and a 250A DC genset.

Off-Grid Configuration

For those with high power needs, this off-grid system features 2500Ah smart energy storage charged by a 425A DC genset and 17.4kW solar panels. An optional 2.4kW wind turbine can provide even more power!


Modular Expansion Shelter Option

Sometimes, you just need more space. The Modular Expansion Shelter can be attached to your Hybrid Power Shelter when you need more capacity. 

Each Modular Expansion Shelter is 10’L x 8’W x 8'-6"H, which allows them to mate up easily with the 8’x10’ Hybrid Power Shelter. They can be connected in multiple configurations depending on how space is needed.

These Modular Expansion Shelters are perfect for adding extra battery storage, equipment racks, or even be used as freezers or additional office space! Each shelter is manufactured to ISO container specifications.

Solar Panel Option

While both configurations of the Hybrid Power Shelter™ come with solar panels, they can be expanded with additional panels to offset use of the DC genset. Whether you want to decrease emissions for environmental reasons or just don’t want to worry about fuel prices, more panels means more power!

You can add an extra 3.6kW with a single solar panel array. Each solar panel array is 13.5’x10.5’ and contains 8 individual panels. They feature a built-in charge controller and smart controls and arrive assembled, ready to use off-board. 

Typically, off-grid configurations will need the most assistance from solar panels. Configuration 2 Hybrid Power Shelters come standard with 3kW onboard solar panels and 14.4kW outboard panels.

hcie energy side view solar option
hci energy wind turbine option_1

Wind Turbine Option

If you get more wind than sun, HCI’s wind turbine option let’s you take advantage of every gust! They can be used in conjunction with solar panels or instead of them. 

HCI’s wind turbines come with compartmentalized controls for power and energy storage. When firmly fixed to the roof of your Hybrid Power Shelter, the turbine blades stand at a height of 50’.

The wind turbine can also be optioned as a free standing tower, which reaches a height of 40’. This allows the tower to serve as mounting point for customer antennas, microwave antennas, cameras, and 5G installations. You can choose, to have your tower mounted on a pier or helical screw.

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How The Hybrid Power Shelter™ Gives You Endless Electricity

This turnkey solution can integrate wind, solar, batteries and DC gensets within a climate-controlled end-user space.

Lead-acid batteries will leave you in the dark. It’s time to harness the power of lithium-ion energy storage! With HCI’s ZPM™ (Zero-Glitch Power Module) at its heart, the Hybrid Power Shelter™ provides hours, even days of backup power. To see how the Hybrid Power Shelter™ keeps the energy flowing, download our free guide now!

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When the Grid Fails You, the Hybrid Power Shelter™ is Ready!


Unreliable Power Grids


Electrical Storms


Natural Disasters


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“For almost two years of operation, we have experienced numerous grid outages with absolutely no interruption of power thanks to the [Hybrid Power Shelter™]”
Paul Vescovo
Sheriff, Clay County

How The Hybrid Power Shelter™ Gives You Endless Electricity

If you’re still relying on lead-acid batteries to provide backup power, it’s time move into the future with lithium-ion!

The heart of HCI’s Hybrid Power Shelter is the ZPM™ (Zero-Glitch Power Module), a smart energy storage control system that ensures you experience seamless power delivery whenever you need it. 

Where the Hybrid Power Shelter stands head and shoulders over regular battery backups is that it can generate power, too! Featuring a powerful DC genset that runs on diesel or propane, solar panels, and an optional wind turbine, the Hybrid Power Shelter can keep you running through any outage. Want to know more? Book a call with our experts today. 

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