Hybrid Power Shelter™

Smart, Turnkey Power When and Where you Need it Most

With HCI’s Zero-glitch Power Module(ZPM) at its core, the Hybrid Power Shelter delivers ultra-reliable power when you need it most. Whether on- or off-grid, the Hybrid Power Shelter uses multiple energy sources to keep its lithium-ion energy storage at an optimal charge.


The ZPM is Integrated into Every Hybrid Power Shelter

Also available as standalone backup power or as a microgrid controller!

Renewables and Add-ons

Both sizes and configurations of HCI Energy’s Hybrid Power Shelter can be fitted with shelter-mounted solar panels and/or a tower with wind turbine to further offset DC generator use. Options are configurable and can vary based on the location, customer, and power needs.

Solar Panels

Shelter-mounted and engineered for transport and quick deployment. Additional panels are available to offset DC generator use and for off-grid sites that warrant extra solar equipment.

Wind Turbine

The wind turbine option can be used in conjunction with solar panels or instead of them. The wind turbine tower can either be attached to the shelter or free-standing on a pier or helical screw.


HCI Energy’s tower-only option comes without a turbine and will serve as a mounting point for our customer antennas, microwave antennas, cameras, and 5G installations.

HCI Supports Government Programs and Initiatives

Our Hybrid Power Shelter and ZPM qualify for a 30% IRA Tax Credit!


"For almost two years of operation, we have experienced numerous grid outages with absolutely no interruption of power thanks to the Hybrid Power Shelter." 

Paul Vescovo
Sheriff, Clay County



For detailed specs and additional information, please download our complete product kits or get in touch!  

Hybrid Power Shelter Product Kit
Renewables and Add-ons Product Kit

From the arctic to remote islands, HCI provides continuous, renewable power anywhere.

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