Tribal Connectivity

Empowering Tribal Communications
with Rapidly Deployed Turnkey Power

HCI Energy is dedicated to helping tribal communities obtain telecom and broadband connectivity for safety and equitable access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity. We have experience working with tribal entities and specialize in powering vital communication services by bringing stand-alone renewable power to locations without access to reliable grid power. We understand the urgency and the government programs that support these efforts and work collaboratively to drive success and provide solutions that can be implemented quickly.

Success Story: Alaska Tribal Broadband, Unalakleet

Throughout the worst storm to hit Western Alaska in decades, the people of the remote village of Unalakleet, located 147 miles from Nome, had crucial internet connectivity thanks to HCI Energy and Alaska Tribal Broadband. Read the full story.

"During the storm, power was down, but thankfully HCI's integrated Hybrid Power Shelter was able to immediately power the communications equipment for four days and could have kept running for several weeks."

Alaska Tribal Broadband

Respecting Traditions While Supporting Equitable Internet Access for Tribes

Any Power Input—Multiple Outputs

 Never lose a second of critical connectivity between switchovers with HCI's battery-first architecture. Power is held stable while the Zero Glitch Power Module (ZPM) accommodates input from multiple sources. The ZPM performs beyond the capabilities of traditional UPS units supporting a variety of outputs (AC, DC, multiple voltages) while providing power to all types of equipment.

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Building Vital Networks with Hybrid, Renewable Power

Building Vital Networks with Hybrid, Renewable Power
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Building Vital Networks with Hybrid, Renewable Power

6/29/23 1:11 PM 2 min read

From the artic to remote islands, HCI provides continuous, renewable power anywhere.

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