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HCI Energy provides continuous, turnkey, eco-friendly power for critical missions around the world. We combine the latest in power technology and renewable sources to ensure round-the-clock, uninterrupted power that lowers operational cost while facilitating crucial business and community operations. 

Uninterrupted Power for Communication Lifelines

"This technology has given us much more capacity, flexibility, and protection from the issues and risks associated with relying on commercial power and traditional backup power systems." 

Statewide Interoperability Coordinator, West Virginia

Products At-a-Glance


Hybrid Power Shelter™

Providing more than just power... our hybrid shelters are a mission control platform.

Zero-glitch Power Module™

The core of every HCI power system.
Also available as standalone back-up-power.

Cabinet Options

Single/multi-tenant capacity.
Shown with optional solar.


"During the storm, power was down, but thankfully HCI's integrated Hybrid Power Shelter was able to immediately power the communications equipment for four days and could have kept running for several weeks."



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HCI Supports Government Programs and Initiatives

Our Hybrid Power Shelter and ZPM qualify for a 30% IRA Tax Credit!

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From the arctic to remote islands, HCI provides continuous, renewable power anywhere.

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