Reliable Backup Power Shouldn't Be Negotiable

You need a cost-effective, field-proven technology system that will lower costs while giving you maximum utility. Get to know resilient power solutions for your mission-critical applications.

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Innovative Backup Power Solutions Are Here

After evaluating power systems and looking for smarter ways to meet user needs. HCI Energy has become a leader in the manufacturing of turnkey renewable energy solutions. Remote off-grid users still need reliable power, that's where the Hybrid Power Shelter Module comes in.

A Process Designed to Produce Optimum Results

HCI Energy’s leverages the 6-D process to build a solution designed to produce optimum power results.
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Communication is key, by interacting with the customer the detailed needs are established.

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Talent is everything, the needs are met through the different skill sets of HCI to produce premium solutions for the customer.

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Refinement with purpose, those premium solutions are put to the test from concept to product.

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Transparency is policy, one of the benefits of working with HCI is that the customer is in the loop all the way to the finished product.

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Perfection is always the goal, HCI employs a rigorous testing phase to ensure top quality and reliability.

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Prompt turnaround, Once the product clears all the testing criteria, it is ready to be delivered to the customer.

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Your Plan to Achieving Optimum Power with Efficient Power Solutions

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Introducing a Better Kind of Hybrid

Hybrid power systems are not a new concept.  However, these systems have presented challenges in terms of efficiency, cost, accessibility and deployment. 

At HCI Energy, we’ve taken a revolutionary approach to delivering renewable energy. Our turn-key solutions power communities, military ops, disaster relief efforts and telecom more effectively… and for less. 


We Design Reliable Solutions


Zero-glitch Power Module™

The Zero-Glitch Power Module™ (ZPM™) gives users the most advanced power backup yet. The heart of HCI’s Hybrid Power Shelter is the ZPM, a smart energy storage control system that ensures you experience seamless power delivery whenever you need it.

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Hybrid Power Shelter™

Our Hybrid Power Shelter stands head and shoulders over traditional battery backups. Featuring a powerful DC genset that runs on diesel or propane, solar panels, and an optional wind turbine, the Hybrid Power Shelter can keep you running through any outage. 

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