MyHCI Reporting

Manage and Analyze Data Accurately

You shouldn't be in the dark about equipment performance. Easily access your data with up-to-date reporting that puts you in control of your systems. 

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Improve Your Reporting with a Comprehensive Analytics Software 

The myHCI software suite is a browser-based analytics tool for viewing and managing information on the HCI Energy’s family of products. This reporting dashboard can be accessed via the desktop on all HCI Energy LLC products.

Accurate Analytics

Feel confident that the data you are looking at is accurate and comprehensive, Data for the last 24 hours of operation is displayed with up to 90 days of information stored.

Custom Management

Easily manage users, filters, and records to expand desired outputs. With more control comes better-fit information and a more custom view.

Clear Visibility

Customize your program preferences and notifications to alert your highest priorities. By personalizing your program, you are able to get the information that is more important to you and your system.

Monitor Generator Run Time and Reduce Maintenance Cost


Quickly Determine Fuel Consumption and Solar Harvest


A Piece of Data Is Peace of Mind


Additional Features

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“Our success is largely due to HCI and the brilliant team of engineers who have created this amazing product.”
David Neal
Statewide Interoperability Coordinator, West Virginia

We Design Reliable Solutions


Zero-glitch Power Module™

The Zero-Glitch Power Module™ (ZPM™) gives users the most advanced power backup yet. The heart of HCI’s Hybrid Power Shelter is the ZPM, a smart energy storage control system that ensures you experience seamless power delivery whenever you need it.

HCI 10foot hybrid cube with solar transparent with drop shadow-1

Hybrid Power Shelter™

Our Hybrid Power Shelter stands head and shoulders over traditional battery backups. Featuring a powerful DC genset that runs on diesel or propane, solar panels, and an optional wind turbine, the Hybrid Power Shelter can keep you running through any outage.