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When Every Second Counts,
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HCI Energy's renewable, hybrid power solutions keep vital communication systems running and ensure that not a single second is lost. We have a proven track-record of providing non-stop power and back-up power for public safety and service operations and have multiple installations across various states. Whether you need turnkey stand-alone power for pre-grid, off-grid or remote locations, or you are looking for a modern, reliable, low-maintenance alternative to lead-acid based uninterruptible power supply (UPS), HCI’s technology has multiple advantages over other solutions.

Success in Action: Nevada Department of Transportation, Goblin Knobs

NDOT needed power for an off-grid public safety site. Just before the project started, the original tower provider backed out. HCI’s team reacted quickly to get the project back on track. Within 2 weeks the entire site was complete.

Our Hybrid Power Shelter™ in Goblin Knobs has 3.1kW of onboard capacity along with 18kW of ground-mounted solar and 1800 Ah of lithium-ion battery storage. Its renewable focused design will power a public safety installation reducing traditional reliance on generator runtime by over 60%.

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know that your Hybrid Power Shelter has performed well beyond our expectations. I am very impressed and delighted with both the product and the service HCI has provided.”

Sheriff, Clay County

Nonstop Back-up and Turnkey Power for Public Safety, Emergency Response, and Critical Services


Any Power Input—Multiple Outputs

 Never lose a second of critical connectivity between switchovers with HCI's battery-first architecture. Power is held stable while the Zero Glitch Power Module (ZPM) accommodates input from multiple sources. The ZPM performs beyond the capabilities of traditional UPS units supporting a variety of outputs (AC, DC, multiple voltages) while providing power to all types of equipment.

HCI Energy Advantages


Harnessing Hybrid Power for Enhanced Reliability in Public Safety Communications

Renewables to the Rescue!
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Renewables to the Rescue!

6/9/23 8:19 AM 2 min read

Never Lose a Second with HCI Energy!

Our power systems are designed for enhanced reliability and resiliency. Get in touch to learn more!