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HCI Energy helps telecom providers rapidly expand their networks and keeps them running more efficiently and without interruption. Whether you are rolling out a network in a pre-grid, off-grid, or unreliable grid situation, HCI Energy delivers turnkey, hybrid, renewable power that never stops. We work with wireless carriers, WISPs, and regional telecom providers to help them take advantage of government funds and tax incentives so they can deliver uninterrupted service for satisfied customers and communities.
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HCI Energy Supplies Off-grid Hybrid Power for New Cell Towers Along Canada's "Highway of Tears"

British Columbia’s “Highway of Tears” is a 720-kilometer corridor of Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert. This stretch of highway has been the location of over 40 missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls since 1969.

HCI Energy worked with one of Canada's major wireless carriers to provide power to new, off-grid towers along the route ensuring continuous coverage and a safer environment for travel. 

“People traveling this economic corridor and vital connection between communities will no longer be out of cell service range if they need to call for emergency services. It is a critical milestone in helping prevent future tragedies along this route, bringing comfort to people who use the highway and are now safer because of this connectivity.”

British Columbia's Minister of Citizens' Services
Remote Mountainous Road Compressed

HCI Energy is helping close the wireless gap by providing eco-friendly, sustainable power options.

Any Power Input—Multiple Outputs

 Never lose a second of critical connectivity between switchovers with HCI's battery-first architecture. Power is held stable while the Zero Glitch Power Module (ZPM) accommodates input from multiple sources. The ZPM performs beyond the capabilities of traditional UPS units supporting a variety of outputs (AC, DC, multiple voltages) while providing power to all types of equipment.

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Empowering the Middle and Last Mile: How Hybrid, Renewable Power Boosts Broadband Access

Empowering the Middle and Last Mile

Empowering the Middle and Last Mile

9/12/23 5:41 PM 3 min read

Thinking beyond connectivity needs—HCI provides continuous, renewable power anywhere.

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