HCI Energy Engages MoKan Wireless Members about Supporting Small Cell and 5G Deployment

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6/15/18 4:09 PM

Company Hosts Booth at Lunch & Learn


LENEXA, Kan. (June 15, 2018) — In an effort to position the Hybrid Cube as a field-proven solution for delivering reliable backup power to small cell and 5G wireless technology, HCI Energy hosted a booth at this week’s MoKan Wireless Association Lunch & Learn. Held at the Sheraton Convention Center in Overland Park, the event brought key players of greater Kansas City metro telecom together to facilitate collaborative and constructive dialog and an open sharing of best practices that will contribute to the growth of the industry.

In HCI Energy’s sponsored booth, attendees were given the opportunity to view a video of its Hybrid Cube deployment in Clay County, Mo., where the product is powering telecom backup as part of a county public safety initiative. The HCI Energy team also distributed handouts identifying key challenges the telecom industry faces and how it can deliver innovative, customized solutions and modules to address critical issues in on-grid, off-grid and unreliable-grid areas alike.

“The MoKan Wireless Association does a fantastic job of raising awareness of the benefits of wireless technology among communities, public officials and policy makers,” said Ray Ansari, founder and CEO of HCI Energy. “This event provided us with the opportunity to present our technology as a means for making such wireless technology even more reliable and therefore valuable to the communities it serves. It also allowed us to educate MoKan members about how the Hybrid Cube can be instrumental in bringing stable power to existing sites while also providing reliable service to underserved and previously inaccessible markets.”

The unique design and configuration of the Hybrid Cube, which can be further tailored to customer specifications, makes it an ideal resource for any location worldwide, from mountain peaks to remote deserts. Furthermore, the product can be bulletproofed and provide EMP/HEMP protection while operating with no vibrations or hazardous emissions for use in any environment. As communities look for clean energy technology that eliminate the need for legacy technologies like transfer switching and/or in-series lead acid batteries, the Hybrid Cube is a stand out solution for the telecom industry.

A complete product guide is available by contacting Tim Tierney, vice president of business development, at 855.964.9274 x710 or tim.tierney@hcienergy.com.


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Based in the Kansas City area, HCI Energy, LLC embraces the core values of accountability, respect and technical competency. HCI Energy applies these core values while meeting customer needs with excellence in both product and service. Led by Founder Ray Ansari, long-time energy industry executive and an electrical engineer by trade, HCI Energy works diligently to find innovative ways to solve problems that affect individuals and industries across the globe.

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