Disasters Expo Miami March 6-7, 2024

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2/21/24 3:54 PM

In the face of disaster, HCI Energy's solutions provide communities nonstop, reliable power to keep vital connectivity up and running. 

Our team is gearing up and getting ready to share how HCI Energy's solutions can provide necessary power when public safety is in jeopardy. We look forward to conversing with leaders in the emergency management industry and sharing how our systems can help. 

HCI Energy, Booth #604, Miami Beach Convention Center

The Disasters Expo USA is an opportunity for leaders in the disaster management industry to learn about up-to-date tools and knowledge to support communities prone to destructive natural threats. Covering a spectrum from disaster management strategies to risk assessment and emergency response practices, this conference empowers attendees with practical resources to address disasters occurring nationwide. Those that attend will have the chance to connect over rising innovations that aid in emergency management and foster relationships with leaders in the industry.

Maintaining uninterrupted connectivity for communication systems becomes imperative for ensuring public safety during natural disasters. Our team at HCI Energy will be showcasing how our renewable power solutions provide the power communities can rely on. Our Hybrid Power Shelter and Zero-glitch Power Module are ready to deploy anywhere, providing continuous backup power essential for sustaining critical services and communication channels during crises. Learn more about how our Hybrid Power Shelter was installed as an off-grid public safety site for the Nevada Department of Transportation in Goblin Knobs within a span of just two weeks. 

From March 6-7 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, you can meet our HCI Energy team members at Booth #604 to discuss our power solutions and how they can help maintain vital connectivity during emergencies. We look forward to connecting with you at the event or you can set up a meeting with us on our website. 

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Uninterrupted and Reliable Power, Ready to Deploy Anywhere 

HCI Energy's renewable, hybrid power solutions play a critical role in safeguarding public safety during emergencies, ensuring uninterrupted operation of vital communication systems. With a proven track record of delivering continuous power and backup support for essential public safety and service operations in pre-grid, off-grid, or remote locations, our solutions have been deployed across multiple environments. Discover more about how our innovative technology can enhance your emergency preparedness efforts. Learn more

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