HCI Energy Helps Close the Digital Divide Along Canada's "Highway of Tears"

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10/11/23 9:42 AM

HCI Energy will supply off-grid, hybrid power for new cell towers along the corridor, facilitating safer travel.

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, October 11, 2023 — HCI Energy Inc.a provider of renewable, hybrid power and smart back-up power for telecom, broadband, and public safety applications — will deliver multiple Hybrid Power Shelters this month to power telecom towers across Highway 16 in British Columbia, also known as the “Highway of Tears.”  

British Columbia’s “Highway of Tears” is a 720-kilometer corridor of Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert. This stretch of highway has been the location of over 40 missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls since 1969. New off-grid cellular towers, powered by HCI Energy, will help ensure continuous coverage along all 720-kilometers of the corridor. According to B.C.’s Minister of Citizen Services, closing the cellular gaps along Highway 16 is a “critical milestone in helping prevent future tragedies along this route.” 

Stretches of Canada’s Highway of Tears are very remote and rugged, making it difficult for telecom infrastructure to be put in place. One of the biggest hurdles is reliable power. Not only is grid power not available in some areas, but the terrain and severe weather make it difficult for alternative power sources to be easily implemented and maintained.  

HCI Energy’s Hybrid Power Shelters are designed to provide continuous, renewable, low-maintenance power that can be deployed rapidly in any location — even mountaintops — and keep telecom services going strong in any weather condition. 

“Along the Highway of Tears, HCI Energy’s Hybrid Power Shelters will facilitate a vital service to people's safety. This is exactly in keeping with our mission,” said HCI Energy President, Kurt Armbruster. “Reliable power in remote locations is no longer a roadblock to communication lifelines for people who need them.” 

HCI Energy has a history of making telecom infrastructure possible in rugged, remote areas with positive impact. The company delivers hybrid, renewable power to the most isolated locations and has dozens of installations across the United States, Canada, and worldwide. To learn more about the impact of HCI’s hybrid energy systems, visit this case study about HCI’s work with Alaska Tribal Broadband and the Unalakleet community in Alaska where the company’s Hybrid Power Shelter provided power without interruption through 2022’s Typhoon Merbok. 

About HCI Energy, Inc.
HCI Energy, Inc. provides continuous, turnkey, eco-friendly power for critical missions around the world. The Hybrid Power Shelter, integrated with HCI’s proprietary Zero-glitch Power Module (ZPM), combines the latest in power technology to ensure round-the-clock, uninterrupted power that lowers operational cost while facilitating crucial business and community operations in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.  

HCI Energy’s power systems support Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives while facilitating the rapid expansion of critical communications infrastructure. Customers include wireless carriers, WISPs, regional telecom providers, state and local governments, emergency responders, and tribal communities. 


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