HCI's Hybrid Power Shelter Continues to Make Headlines!

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1/9/23 3:30 PM


During the devastating Typhoon Merbok storm that hit Alaska and the days that followed, our Hybrid Power Shelter kept the Unalakleet villagers' satellite and wireless internet equipment up and running — allowing for crucial communications between emergency teams and first responders.

During the Typhoon and afterward, the intelligent and fully monitored lithium-ion batteries carried the electrical load for 21 hours a day, then automatically transferred the load to the generator for three hours to quickly recharge the battery system. The cycle repeated until commercial power became available.

"This was HCI's first installation in Alaska, and we couldn't be more pleased with our engineering team and the performance of our transportable power solution during the storm," noted our CEO, Kurt Armbruster. "Due to its smart design, the shelter can be configured with the needed power backup equipment and telecom gear and outfitted with an attached pole to support a 50-foot radio antenna if needed."

"Our work with Alaska Tribal Broadband to build out Tribal-owned networks in remote villages is gratifying, and we look forward to working with and supporting other tribal communities."

We're pleased that the Kansas City Business Journal, Battery Power, KSNT, and many others have shared information about our successful solution using hybrid power sources to maintain power under the most challenging circumstances.

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