KCBJ: Lenexa company packs portable power into shipping containers

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12/5/19 10:40 AM

A Lenexa company is packing portable power into shipping containers, creating an efficient energy source for the telecom, military and public safety sectors and a lifeline for areas devastated by natural disasters.

One of HCI Energy LLC’s newest contracts is with Bahama Telecommunications Co., which will use HCI’s patented “hybrid cubes” to restore services on the Grand Bahama and Abaco islands, which suffered damage after Hurricane Dorian.

The hybrid cube is built inside a shipping container and becomes a turnkey portable power plant that can store and generate energy. It integrates multiple sources of energy, including solar, wind, fuel cell and direct current generator technologies. The combination of traditional and renewable energy sources creates a reliable and continuous power source. It’s also a modular system, meaning additional cubes can be added easily to increase energy storage and power output.

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