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7/31/17 3:32 PM
As featured in the Pine Ridge Tenant Newsletter, July 2017

Q & A with Ray Ansari, founder and CEO of HCI Energy


Ray Ansari, HCI Energy founder and CEO

Tell us about your business.

HCI Energy specializes in designing, developing and distributing products that make reliable, renewable energy readily available around the globe. This includes the customization of shelters and configuration of their hybrid power components, such as wind, solar, fuel cell and generator technologies. Businesses, government organizations and communities turn to HCI Energy for support in all aspects of their alternative energy projects, from site analysis to retrofitting to custom builds.

What should potential customers know about HCI Energy?

In December of 2015, HCI Energy was granted a patent on its exciting Hybrid Cube. This self-contained transportable power plant leverages a proprietary combination of wind and solar energy with integrated fuel-cell and generator technology to meet power demands of users anywhere in world, regardless of grid accessibility.

Built in a standard ISO shipping container, the Cube can be transported via road, rail or air to even the most remote locations. It can then be deployed quickly and serve as a low-maintenance, cost-effective plug-and-play energy solution. Watch a two-minute video of how it works on our website.

What would surprise people about HCI Energy?

HCI Energy’s Hybrid Cube has myriad applications in numerous industries, from telecom and construction to military operations and disaster relief. In fact, the first Hybrid Cube was installed in Clay County, Missouri as a public safety initiative for providing reliable backup power to its police telecom infrastructure.

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