Hybrid Communications, Inc. Receives First Patent for the Hybrid Cube

by Tom
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12/29/15 4:01 PM

Patent Covers Transportable, Deployable, Renewable Power System

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (Dec. 29, 2015) — Hybrid Communications, Inc. (HCI) announced today confirmation of the U.S. Patent Office’s issuance of a patent that covers the innovative Hybrid Cube. The patent is for a transportable, deployable power system comprising a hybrid power box containing solar panels, wind turbine(s), fuel cells, fuel reformers and other energy sources.

The patent covers the Hybrid Cube’s innovative standard ISO shipping container design, as well as its ability to receive and store power generated by a selected plurality of power sources, including a wind turbine, a solar panel array, a hydrogen fuel cell, a fuel reformer, a battery, a gasoline generator and a diesel generator. The patent notes that it is not limited to one specific configuration, but may also include various other embodiments and aspects, referring to how the Hybrid Cube can be integrated and pre-assembled with end-user equipment.

“It’s been a long and arduous process, but we’re thrilled to have finally received news of the patent we’ve been eagerly awaiting. It provides confirmation that this innovative alternative energy product can stand to make an immeasurable difference in the way we generate reliable power,” said Ray Ansari, CEO and founder of Hybrid Communications, Inc. “The Hybrid Cube stands to help companies and organizations in a number of industries address everything from homeland security and disaster relief to the provision of basic needs in unreliable and off-grid locations worldwide.”

The patent goes on to outline the rudimentary design of the transportable power supply system, with specific mention about the shipping container shell allowing for the Hybrid Cube’s transport on shipping trucks, trains and barges. The Hybrid Cube may also contain storage tanks for potable water and waste water, as well as a water purification system and waste water treatment system depending upon end-user requirements. To learn more, visit hcienergy.com.


About Hybrid Communications, Inc.

Based in the Kansas City area, Hybrid Communications, Inc. embraces the core values of accountability, respect and technical competency. HCI applies these core values while meeting customer needs with excellence in both product and service. Led by Founder Ray Ansari, long-time energy industry executive and an electrical engineer by trade, HCI works diligently to find innovative ways to solve problems that affect individuals and industries across the globe.

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